zondag 28 september 2008


I have some cool news: I won the mixdouble tennis final today!! Yeah, seriously, I have eye-witnesses!!! And if you still don't believe it, I can give you my KNLTB-number so you can check it yourself. ((-;

I am playing tennis for about 8 years now and never ever won a thing. I was very close to it over and over again, but never won. That was the same with my soccercareer.... ))-: I played soccer for more than 20 years, and I think my team became 2nd for at least 15 times. But we never won the championship. I almost got a trauma of it! (((-;

So you'll understand I am very happy now. I wasn't feeling nervous at all and was just enjoying the fact that I was playing the final after being injured for a long time and enjoying the beautiful weather. So it couldn't go wrong anyhow. I have a terrible pain in my back right now and I am going to make an appointment with my fysiotherapist first thing in the morning, but hey, that doesn't matter: I WON!

Oh, and please, don't get me wrong; I play tennis on a low level, so don't think I am a star.

Ok, I understand that you're not very interested in my tenniscareer, so I will show you a layout. That's why you're visiting my blog, am I right? This picture was made in Italy aswell. The journaling says that normally we don't like the beach and sea (we prefer a swimmingpool) but the beach near Vada was just lovely. The water was so nice blue, clear and warm and there weren't any rocks to hurt your feet at all. If you're ever in this neighbourhood you have to visit Vada Mare!

Have a nice week!
Margriet (who's dreaming about Wimbledon tonight)

4 opmerkingen:

Alice zei

Gefeliciteerd met je (aller)eerste prijs!!!! Wat een heerlijk gevoel moet dat zijn. Geniet er maar van.
Je LO heeft heerlijke frisse kleuren, ze passen erg goed bij de foto.
Jij ook een fijne week.

Groeten Alice

Arianne zei

Ik kom niet alleen voor je LOs, hoor!
Gefeliciteerd met je 1ste prijs!

Splashes of Pink and Mint zei

Ha, ha, ha, ik wens je héél veel succes met je carrière op Wimbledon! Deze prijs heb je alvast in de pocket, gefeliciteerd!~
Je lootje ziet er weer super zonnig en vrolijk uit, een echte vakantie l.o.!

Janine Langer zei

Congrats on the win, that'S fantastic! And your layout is beautiful. :)


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