woensdag 1 oktober 2008

What a lazy cat!

While working with this picture I knew all at once what I wanne be in a next life; a lazy housecat!!

Wow, do we have a lazy cat! She sleeps all day (inside or outside, that depends on the weather, she prefers at least 18 degrees and sunshine). At night she goes for a walk and if she's in the mood she'll catch a little mouse just to play with. Then, at about 6.00 am, she meows under the window of our bedroom because she wanne comes inside again. And, it's unbelievable, my dear husband stands up every morning at this horrible hour to let her in!! Can you believe that? (We don't allow the children to cry/scream before 7.00 am since they are about 2 years old, but this cat doesn't care about a rule at all.) And then, at 6.00, she wants her breakfast and she will meow untill she gets it! Not normal bits, no our queen wants this nice soft food. Beside that she won't go through her cat door, she prefers that we open the 'normal' door for her (and there are people who will do that, you just have to wait for a long time and meow a little pity over and over again). And then after noon she goes for a little walk (and maybe a small pee) outside and directly to our neighbour's house to see if she can get a little catcandy over there...... This is her life 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! No worries at all! So yes, I decided to be a housecat in my next life!

I used an old line of Scenic Route for this quick layout and I am so happy that I got rid of a piece of old paper again. Only 200 more to go...... (-;

Thanks for stopping by!

3 opmerkingen:

Marjan zei

Hele leuke vrolijke layout. Ik vind dat vogeltje wel erg gewaagd....;-)

Je@net zei

Vind 'm super!

anja curvers zei

Geweldig mooi Margriet.


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