dinsdag 2 september 2008

There's no place like Lucca

I am in a good mood today; I thought I had to work all day, but I was already finished at 11.45 am! I felt like playing truant when I was eating my lunch in a small restaurant and went shopping after that...(((-;

Last July we went to the beautiful city of Lucca, Italy. I really love this place. Unfortunately we didn't know that we could see it also by cycling over the city walls.... So now we have to come back sometimes for sightseeing Lucca in that way. Poor us. (((-; In fact.....we have booked a new vacation to Tuscany for May 2009 already. Yeah! So maybe we go back next year and rent
some bikes. I can't wait!

I will give you some impression of the city:

I made 2 more layouts of our visit to Lucca, but I will show them in an other post.

Have a nice week!

3 opmerkingen:

Birgit zei

Wij zijn vorig jaar in Lucca geweest en hebben idd over de stadsmuur gefietst. Echt geweldig. Vond Lucca de leukste stad van Toscane met die mooie gele en oranje huizen, dat leuke ronde plein en die sjieke winkelstraat!!
Veel plezier als je weer terug gaat!

Je@net zei

Gave lo Margriet!!

Splashes of Pink and Mint zei

Het is weer keigaaf lootje gewortden Margriet!!! En wat lekker dat je alweer iets hebt om naar uit te kijken (ook al duurt het dan nog even!)!


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